5 Reason you should get an eBike

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5 Reason you should get an eBike

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If you landed on this page, you are probably already thinking of getting an electric bike, but:

  • a) You are trying to decide if you should get a regular bike or an electric bike.
  • b) It’s somehow got into your mind that electric bikes are only for those are perhaps older and less fit (both untrue!)



What you need to know, is that both models (electric and regular), share the same DNA. For example, the Genius eRIDE will allow you to ride the same kind of trails and terrain as her sister, the Contessa Genius. What is different and will inevitably affect the way you enjoy your ride, is that the first comes with an integrated electric assistance to support your workout while the latter lets you do all the work (consequently, the eRIDE version will also be heavier). To make it simple, if what makes you happy is the effort of getting to the top of a mountain, then go for the regular bike. If you’re looking to maximize the fun while minimizing the effort, then I invite you to continue reading.




And now, don’t get me wrong: “maximizing the fun while minimizing the effort” doesn’t mean AT ALL that e-bikes are for less motivated, unfit people. What it means is that people ride for different reasons, and to be honest, the reason why you ride doesn’t matter so much. What matters is how you feel while riding and how riding a bike positively affects your life. So, put all misconceptions aside and let me give you 5 good reasons why you should definitely get an e-bike!


1) Electric Bikes are Social

E-bikes make your rides more social, because difference in fitness levels are way less obvious. Through the different assist modes, you can control the amount of support you need. So you can use it to even the group’s fitness level: stronger riders will stay in eco-mode, while less fit riders can choose to use the tour-mode, for example. Also, because e-bikes have a maximum speed assist limit, even if the whole group is using the same assist mode, at some point faster riders will reach the maximum speed, thus limiting the difference of pace between them and slower riders.


2) Electric bikes make you fit(ter)

And the good news is that you don’t have to suffer for it! Of course you are benefitting from motorized assistance, but you still have to pedal. So you are definitely exercising on your e-MTB, even if you aren’t burning as many calories as you would on a regular bike. What many people often overlook, is that low-intensity exercise is essential to build your endurance base. Furthermore, e-bikes allow you to choose how much support you want or need. So you can always decide to challenge yourself a bit more by only using the eco-mode, or by trying to clear steeper and more technical climbs. And because you will love riding your e-bike so much, you’ll be out more often, making progress and getting fitter. It’s a virtuous circle!


3) Electric Bikes Take You Further

An unarguable fact about e-bikes is that they will allow you to cover more distance. So those places that seemed so far away are finally becoming accessible! You know, that discouraging feeling when you are planning a tour and figure out that by the time you get to the interesting part of your ride, you’ll already be exhausted by the access route? This feeling belongs to the past! And not only will you be able to ride further, but you will also do so faster. So no more frustration about having “only an hour” to ride, you can still hit that super fun loop fast!

Check out our tool to find out how far you can ride with you e-bike.


4) Electric Bikes Can Boost Your Motivation and Improve your Skills

E-bikes can remove some of the mental barriers that sometimes undermine your motivation to go for a ride. With a range of support levels to play with, you can always adapt your ride depending on how you are feeling that day which means more riding days. Remember that you actually don’t HAVE TO suffer to “earn your turns”! Less mental barriers, more riding – more riding, better skills... and happy faces!


5) Electric Bikes are simply so much fun!

Did I already mention that bikes in general were all about having fun? Well, for all the reasons mentioned above, this is even truer with e-bikes. You’ll be able to ride with friends you couldn’t keep up with before, you’ll be getting fitter without spending hours suffering, you’ll be discovering new places, and you’ll be riding more often. Plus, the Contessa line offers 3 e-MTB, plus an electric Road models with unique designs and set-ups to suit your riding style and ambitions. Check them out!



Some common Q&As about Electric Bikes:

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And if you what to know more about e-bikes in general, check out our FAQ page.

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All this being said, I have to warn you about something: you will probably get addicted!

See you out there!



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