Gravel Bikes Near Me Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes

Gravel Bikes in Lindsay, Kawartha Lakes

Feel the need for speed but want to off-road it every now and then? Gravel bikes are a great option for you! They’re a type of road bike that can accommodate rougher terrain and readily absorb minor shocks. We’re proud to offer a variety of options from well-known brands like KHS and SCOTT, bike manufacturers who place a strong emphasis on creating quality products that stand the test of time. With help from our in-store team, you can find a model that perfectly meets your needs.


The History & Anatomy of The Gravel Bike

As popular and fun as traditional road bikes are, they are very limited in what they can do and where they can go. Typically built for smooth-paved roads and Tour-de-France style workouts and races, they lose their edge fast during off-road excursions. Power and speed are drastically reduced on uneven terrain.


Gravel bikes were developed to provide riders with more flexibility. A spin-off of road bikes, they usually feature wide, treaded tyres (approximately 33mm on average) that can comfortably accommodate jarring impacts and grip the ground with ease. It’s worth mentioning that some tread patterns are better able to maneuver certain terrain and ground conditions than others, so you should speak with a professional who can guide you in the right direction. 


A typical gravel bike will have a relatively long wheelbase and slacker head angle, as well as a shorter frame. They also tend to have an upright position, as comfort and maneuverability take precedence over aerodynamics. Flared handlebars provide extra control and make it easier to access the brakes (which comes in handy when you’re going in a downward descent over loose gravel). Some gravel bikes even come equipped with dropper posts, which get the saddle out of the way during very steep descents. While the majority of riders won’t need this, it is a nice feature.


Who Gravel Bikes Are Not For

In a sense, gravel bikes can be seen as a hybrid between aerodynamically-minded road bikes and mountain bikes. But by straddling the boundary, they don’t specialize in either. A gravel bike will lag behind a racing road bike on paved surfaces; and a mountain bike will be a better choice if you intend on off-roading through rocky terrain and pulling off daredevil stunts. Gravel bikes are ideal for riders who want flexibility.


Choosing the Bike Garage

While all gravel bikes have a similar frame, there are still a number of differences between makes and models. Our team members have the experience you need to find your perfect fit. We’ll chat with you about your needs and wants, and figure out how you intend to use your bike. From there we’ll provide you with a number of suggestions. 


We have a passion for all things bike-related, and that passion is reflected in the service we provide. You can trust us to help you through the bike-purchasing process. We’ll make sure you ride away with a smile on your face!