Bicycle & Bike Shop Ottawa

Visit The Bike Garage, located near Ottawa, for all your biking needs! We have a variety of high-quality bikes that will have you riding in both comfort and style. Whether you’re looking for a vintage-inspired bike with a picturesque basket or an electric bike that will have you flying to work (and avoiding the traffic!), we’ve got you covered.


We know biking is a universally loved activity, so we have bikes and riding accessories for the entire family. We offer child bike seats and trailers for the smallest little tykes in your life, and have a wide selection of bikes for kids aged 2+. From training wheels to traditional bikes, we’ll find something that suits their age and level of expertise.


Casual riders can enjoy a selection of bikes built with value and dependability in mind. Perfect for rides on the trails or around the neighborhood, our traditional bikes (and folding bikes!) are a tried and true staple in Ottawa.


We’ve also got some great options for daredevil riders who like long, fast, bumpy rides. Our mountain bikes are built with durability in mind, and we offer accessories that will help you keep up a grueling pace. From water bottle holders to grips, we have everything you’ll need for a successful off-road ride.


Last but not least, we have the Cadillacs of the bike world: electric bikes. Whether you’re getting one because you feel the ‘need for speed’ or you want to efficiently get to work without breaking a sweat, we’ve got something that’s perfect for you. 

You Can Stop Googling ‘Best Bikes’


There’s a lot to consider when purchasing a bike: brand, size, intended function, and bike features are just the tip of the iceberg. Rather than spending hours on your computer doing research, visit The Bike Garage in person to speak to one of our bicycle experts. They’ll let you know what your best option is, keeping your needs and budget in mind.

Don’t Forget About Safety!


Your bike purchase simply wouldn’t be complete without a helmet, which we carry in store. And if you’re one of those daredevils we mentioned earlier who likes scaling the hilly areas around Ottawa, we also have a great selection of body armor by SCOTT to keep you safe and fully intact throughout your biking adventures.

Accessories & Apparel


Ride through Ottawa in style this year! We have a fantastic selection of apparel that’ll let you focus on the ride and move sleekly through the trails. When it comes to biking accessories we’ve also got you covered: Water bottle holder? Check. Comfy Saddle? Check. Grips? Check. Eyewear? Check. Best yet, you can enjoy 10% off accessories and apparel all season when you purchase a new bike. 

A Word on The Bike Garage


We’ve been striving to make sure every customer rides away with a smile on their face since 2018. We pride ourselves on our wide range of offerings and full-circle customer support. From initial purchase to ongoing bike maintenance, we’ll be there to make sure every ride is fun and safe.

In a bike-friendly city like Ottawa, you want something that’s reliable and top quality. Shop online now or contact us to speak to one of our professionals so we can find the best fit for you!