Bike Service & Repair



Please call 705-320-9006 or email us at [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible. At the start of this busy season, appointments are encouraged but not necessary. We will be working on bikes as they come in. 


Fully certified and highly trained technicians

Certified on a comprehensive range of services and repairs, we can service your mountain, road, hybrid or e-bike, plus give friendly advice.


Quick turnaround time

Typically we can get your bike back to you on the spot for smaller repairs or in a few days for a more detailed service.



A full range of services to tune, repair and enhance your bike’s performance


  • Free Adjustment for Bikes Sold at The Bike Garage

    Valid for one year after purchase date

  • Bike Tune

    Adjust brakes and shift, true wheels and more

  • Wheel & Tires

    Truing, tubed/tubeless tire services and more

  • Bike Assembly (All Types)

    If you purchased the bike at The Bike Garage, assembly is free

  • Shifting & Brakes

    Adjustment, installation, brake bleed and more

  • Car Rack Installation

    Save time and hassle by leaving installation to us


What we offer

The Bike Garage has a full-service in-store bike shop for those who love to adventure on two wheels (Or want to learn. Beginners welcome!). Our expert technicians offer a comprehensive range of services to tune, repair, and enhance the performance of your mountain, road, hybrid or e-bike.

Call the Bike Shop in Lindsay today (705) 320-9006


The Bike Garage Shop Services

In addition to the menu of services below, we offer custom services, too. Call us any time or bring in your bike for a free inspection and estimate. Also, if you’re looking for gear advice or local know-how, come talk to us. We’re happy to share what we know. Our goal: Get you out riding with a smile.

Bike Tune

Complete safety inspection, frame and wheel cleaning, and adjustments to brakes, drivetrain, bearings and wheel true to keep everything working smoothly.
  • Base price        Call for Price

Wheel & Tires

  • Flat Fix (Tubed or Tubeless)         Call for Price
  • Tubeless Refresh/Tire Install        Call for Price
  • Spot Wheel True (Lateral only)     Call for Price
  • Precision Wheel True                    Call for Price
  • Wheel Build                                      Call for Price
  • Loose-Ball Bearing Hub Overhaul.  Call for Price

Bike Assembly

All bikes purchased at The Bike Garage are assembled for you at no charge.
  • Kids Bike Assembly (12” - 24”)     Call for Price
  • Standard Adult Bike Assembly.      Call for Price
  • Full Suspension Bike Assembly.     Call for Price
  • E-Bike Assembly.                         Call for Price

Shifting & Brakes

  • Derailleur Adjustment.                  Call for Price
  • New Derailleur Install                    Call for Price
  • Brake Adjustment                         Call for Price
  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed                    Call for Price