One Only EU 41/US 8 DIADORA Trivex Plus III Road Shoes Grey/orange

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To give your feet a snug fit and to offer easy adjustability, the Trivex Plus III Road Shoes use an simple to operate upper ratchet system and two lower straps. The ratchet is easy to operate on the fly making tightening and loosening the shoes to suit the demands of your ride a simple affair. Meanwhile, the lower straps provide a secure and reliable fit over the top of the mid-foot and lower foot, ensuring no slipping as you push and pull on the pedals. An EVA anti-stretch insole provides support and comfort for any ride length, long or short.

When it comes to power transfer, the Trivex Plus IIIs take a balanced approach, with the Performance Road CR sole unit balancing the stiffness needed for hard riding and a stable pedalling platform but still with some give to enhance long-ride comfort. To the rear of the sole, heel pads make it easier to walk when you're off the bike and prevent slipping up when enjoying a well-earned coffee stop.

If you value pedalling performance but don't want to sacrifice comfort then the Trivex Plus III Road Shoes strike the perfect balance between the two, making them great for rides of any length and whether you love to push the speed or take it steady.

weight 270g

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