Mi Portable Electric Air Pump


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Get the Best Portable Air Compressor for Any Purpose

Never be caught on the side of the road with a flat tire again. The Xiaomi™ Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor makes it easy to check and fill your tires and is small enough to fit into any handbag or backpack. 


Check your tire’s air pressure and fill them with ease with the Xiaomi™ Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor. This portable air pump has a preset to automatically fill your tire with the right amount of air each time.  It also features:

  • An easy-to-read digital display
  • The ability to inflate any tire, including bikes, motorcycles, or car tires
  • Inflates footballs and other sporting equipment too. 
  • A high-precision alloy die-casting cylinder that can be pressurized to 150 psi.  
  • Compatible with almost any tire nozzle
  • Innovative settings that allow you to get the best tire pressure for winter or summer
  • Charges fast with a power bank.
  • Small, convenient design.  

Go Anywhere, Be Prepared for Anything

Nothing ruins your day quite like a flat tire. Whether you are biking through the trails or driving through Canada’s notoriously rough winter weather, a flat tire can ruin your fun or even be outright dangerous. But a great tire pump can help you out of an emergency situation fast. 

The Xiaomi™ Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor makes it easy for you to be prepared for any circumstance. Fill your bike tires or car tires quickly and correctly every time. It even inflates footballs and other sporting equipment, so the fun never stops. 

Check Your Tires Before Your Leave Home

Having the right tire air pressure has many benefits. It makes your car more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly, as it reduces emissions. In addition, it lowers the risk of your tire blowing out at high speeds and reduces the chance of getting into a car accident.

But when you are rushing out the door, it can be easy to forget to check your car tire air pressure. With the  Xiaomi™ Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor’s clear digital display, it only takes seconds to make sure your tires are safely inflated. 

This is just one of the many reasons this portable pump is the best portable air compressor on the market. Get the peace of mind you need to know you are doing everything you can to keep your family.  

Designed With Your Convenience In Mind

You know it’s important to be prepared for anything. But when you are on a bike or motorcycle with just a backpack or limited storage, the last thing you want to do is carry a huge clunky bike pump around. 

But at less than thirteen centimeters high, this portable pump tucks easily into a backpack or car trunk. It’s powerful enough to be a car pump but small enough to be a bike pump.  

This state-of-the-art inflator is rechargeable, with a long-lasting battery-powered design, so you never have to worry about it not working when you need it most. 

Get the Best Portable Air Compressor Today

Are you ready to get the best electric air pump for all of your tires today? Order yours today.

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