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1  White 26" . We have both 48V 10Ah or 52V 17.5Ah batteries in-stock. For other colours and configurations call us at 705-320-9006 and we will find out if Pedego Canada has it in stock or we will work with to configure the best bike for you!



The Pedego Boomerang is the most accessible electric bike ever. The ultra low, 9” step thru frame makes riding fun and easy for more people.


Boomerang – Low Step Electric Bike



The first thing you notice when you ride a Boomerang is how comfortable you feel. You’ll swear it was made just for you – because it was!



In addition to the Ultra-low 9” step-thru frame for easy access, the Boomerang is fully loaded with user-friendly features that make riding even more fun. We thought of everything!



Once you ride a Pedego, everything else is just an e-bike. The real-world performance simply can’t be beat. Visit a Pedego store and try one out to see for yourself



A whisper quiet, 500 watt motor delivers best in class acceleration and hill climbing. The sensation of power it gives you is exhilarating.

A state-of-the-art 52 Volt battery uses the same advanced lithium-ion cells as an electric car. It weighs less than a housecat and can take you up to 100km on about 10 cents worth of electricity.

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