Reserve that bicycle with a 50% deposit OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LAY AWAY PLAN or in house financing.

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Reserve that bicycle with a 50% deposit OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LAY AWAY PLAN  or in house financing.

Reserve that bicycle with a 50% deposit OR TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR LAY AWAY PLAN or in house financing.

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2021 PreSale Explained

Love Every Ride

The Bike Garage PreSale Details

Thank you for considering a purchase of your new 2021 bicycle from The Bike Garage. A couple of months ago, none of us would have imagined that we’d find ourselves in this situation. We appreciate your trust and understanding as we work through these supply-chain challenges. The bikes you see on our website have been confirmed to be delivered to The Bike Garage in the Spring!


The Bike Garage PreSale Process

Our Commitment to You:
To provide you with your new bicycle, fully assembled, tested, and ready to ride as quickly as possible

To provide fair distribution of available bicycles to all those who are waiting

To reserve your new bicycle, join the PreSale group and put down your deposit on a new, 2021 bicycle. This is the Process….
With the help of our in-store staff and the information on our website, select the model and size of you new bicycle. Reserve that bicycle with a 50% deposit, pay in full and save the tax, use the lay away option or look at in house financing. Your choice, whatever works for you.  And then, we wait
Once your bike is in transit to our store, we’ll notify you by both telephone and email. You can cancel and receive a full refund any time until 72 hours after the notice of your bike in transit. If you cancel after that point, your deposit  is 50% refundable with the other 50% remaining as a store credit.
PreSale bicycles are limited to 2 bikes per customer.
Thank you for your trust and understanding and rest assured that we will have you rolling as soon as possible. Stop in to talk with our staff; call us at 705-320-9006, or E-MAIL for more information.

The Bike Garage

Why aren’t there any bikes?!?

The vast majority of bicycle sold in Canada are produced in the industrial centers of central China (such as Wuhan). Vendors specify bikes (frames, equipment, paint colors etc.) to the manufactures in June and July for delivery of the next model year. In September, we dealers get to see those models and options and we place our orders at that time. Typically, we agree to accept several hundred of the coming year’s bikes as soon as they become available (October). Manufactures have been building these bikes since late summer and the bike companies make adjustment to future orders based on how we dealers respond in September. These new orders are produced in the winter months and delivered throughout the following spring season.

Upon arrival of our initial shipments in October, we set to work to build hundreds of bikes. It keeps us busy all winter – OK, not really busy, but at least it keeps us employed through the long winter months. We, like most dealers, set our second big shipments to arrive in late February or March…and we build and build. In fact, it is our goal to have at least 1000 bikes built and ready to roll out the door by late March when customers start to return to our store. It’s a system that works…..until it doesn’t.

Those second orders never arrived. With so many of the plants shut down in China in January and February, we rolled into spring with hundreds of bikes not delivered. Some would come later, other orders would be cancelled and/or moved to 2021 production. Scott and KHS have raced to get spec changes to the manufactures in China to accelerate the production of 2021 bikes. That process is well under way and they will be receiving those bikes in early 2021.

And…Canada has rediscovered their love of the bicycle. For all the reasons that you already know, millions in Canada decided to ride bikes. During the weeks of social distancing, bicycles provide a great way to maintain physical health AND mental health. Those of us in bike shops have always known this to be true and we’re hopeful that the rest of Canada will continue to enjoy their new-found love of bicycles. The Bike garage has seen record sales as have bike shops across the country. Bike shop inventories are at all-time lows. Today we’re looking to continue to deliver bicycles to our customers through or 2021 PreSale Program.


Al and Tusia

The Bike Garage



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