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Easily attached to the handlebars of your bike, these bicycle bells not only increases safety on the road, but instantly adds personality to your bicycle. Extra large for easier access and a more audible noise, these bells make an instant impression and are guaranteed to become firm favourites. This particular bell comes in white and black with a vibrant polka dot print that you’ll love. The bell has a diameter of 80 mm, meaning you’ll never get lost in the crowd. Keep yourself audible to traffic and pedestrians, and alert other cyclists to your presence with ease. This bell is a perfect match to the Katharina Shoulder Bag and Double Bag, not to mention the coordinating Saddle Bag. Looking for more original Basil designs and bicycle accessories? Browse the complete collection online today.


  • Extra large bell with a diameter of 80 mm.
  • Available in four different colours.
  • Eye-catching polka dot design.

This Basil Bloom Big Bell is a stylish choice of bicycle bell, with a classic white base and funky floral print. The large diameter of 80mm makes it a bold addition to your bike frame, while the loud ding-ding sound lets the world know you’re coming and a must for cycling in the busy city. If you’re struggling to get where you need to be on time, or forever finding yourself met with herds of pedestrians, this reliable bicycle bell will help clear a path. Available in red, blue and green, this bicycle bell is just one addition to the essential Basil Bloom collection. If you’re a fan of the floral motif, give your entire bike a makeover with coordinating saddle bags and saddle covers featuring the same eye-popping pattern. Browse the entire collection online at Basil today.


  • Essential addition to your bike with a stylish floral print.
  • Lets cyclists and pedestrians know you’re coming with a loud ding-ding sound.

The Basil Magnolia Big Bell is a striking choice of bicycle bell and easily attaches to the handlebar of your bike. This beautiful dark grey bell emits a loud dong sound that keeps you audible to other cyclists, pedestrians and motorists while you’re out and about. An essential for cyclists who need to get from A to B safely and in style. This bell is easy to use and makes a fine complement to bikes whose owners prefer something with plenty of character and colour. A diameter of no less than 80 millimetres makes it instantly visible and incredibly easy to use. If you’re serious about road safety and don’t want to settle for second-rate designs, the Basil Big Bell Magnolia is just for you. A great gift idea for cyclists you love and the perfect treat for yourself should you be looking to overhaul your bike accessories, this bell is bound to become a firm favourite. Browse for more bicycle bells, or check out further first-rate accessories online today at Basil.


  • Suitable for most bicycle frame styles.
  • The Basil Big Bell Magnolia boasts a beautiful design and is easy to operate.
  • Due to the clear dong sound, you’re always audible to other road users.
  • This large bicycle bell is suitable for permanent attachment to the steering axis of your bicycle.
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