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With the Basil Ever-Green, you'll have yourself a durable and unique double bicycle bag! The trendy botanical print on the side is hand-painted by the talented Dutch artist Meggy Lemmens. Did you know that the bag is made of 40% recycled PET plastic? The water-repellent fabric feels like cotton but contains no less than 39 recycled plastic bottles. In addition, the bag has vegan leather details and antique bronze finishes. This makes the Basil Ever-Green double bike bag a real statement piece!

The Basil Ever-Green double bicycle bag has a capacity of 28-32 liters. The water-resistant folding clasp can be adjusted with a carabiner hook so you can increase the capacity of the bag to 32 liters. In addition, you can carry extra stuff in the front pocket that you can close with a magnet. Do you have heavy stuff in your bag? Then you can combine the bag with the Basil Distance holder (sold separately). This holder prevents the bag from getting into the spokes of your bike.

Simply attach the Basil Ever-Green double bag to your carrier with the Universal Bridge system. Thanks to the Universal Bridge system, you can choose how you want to attach the bag. It can be attached with the pre-mounted straps, in combination with the Basil DBS system (detachable carrier plates) or an adapter plate such as MIK. Both systems need to be purchased separately.


  • Compact yet spacious double pannier with a capacity of 28-32 liters.
  • With the Universal Bridge system, you can easily attach the pannier to your carrier.
  • All sides of the bag are reflective to increase visibility.
  • Made of durable materials.
  • Special hand-painted botanical print.


Handpainted print of the Basil Ever-Green bags


Model:Rear bag

Double- or singlebag:Double

Content (Ltr):28,0

Suitable for:Electric bicycle, city bicycle, city-trekking bicycle

Activity:Groceries, go out, recreational

Material:Recycled PET polyester


System:Basil Universal Bridge System

Also suitable for:Non applicable

Usage:Luggage carrier

Additional compartment for:Non applicable

Closure main compartment:Buckle

Laptop compartment:No

Side pocket(s):No

Front pocket(s):Yes



Fasteners compatible:Yes

Removable:Removable by means of MIK system


Carrying capacity :10 kg total, with a maximum of 5 kg per bag

Warranty:2 years, by the shop from where you purchased the product

Inner pocket:No

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