SPORTFUL Super W Jacket


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It's called the Super Jacket for good reason. Sportful's renowned attention to detail and quality are clear to see in this brilliantly windproof, warm and comfortable cycling jacket. Super by name, super by nature.


When we say we obsess over every detail, this jacket is the best example. Every element has been examined to ensure the best performance and a harmonious relationship with the whole. The GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ fabric lends the seal of quality for thermal protection.


Sportful's design team turn to Gore-Tex INFINIUM™ for their Super Jacket, offering you complete protection from even the bitterest of cold winter winds. While cold winds are unable to steal away body heat, the INFINIUM™ is also extremely breathable. If you're pulling hard at the front of the pack or forging ahead at higher intensities this keeps you drier and more comfortable even when working up a sweat on the bike. And should the day turn damp? Then INFINIUM™ is also water-resistant, seeing to it that light rain beads and runs off, rather than soaking in. 

Small details can make all the difference to winter cycling comfort, and Sportful ensures every detail works. A double layer of stretch fabric at the wrists gives a beautifully snug fit and works well with winter gloves. The full-length front zipper is a smooth running YKK® Vislon® zip, giving simple control of ventilation when you need it. And reflective logos catch the eye for all your early morning or late evening training sessions. The Super jacket sees quality, performance and comfort come together in perfect harmony.


Suggested temperature range: 2 degrees C +

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