ArroWhere Plus Backpack Cover Waterproof (Medium)

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ArroWhere Plus adds extra safety features to help enhance your safety day and night. Utilizing a new, contrasting patent-pending ArroWhere design, the ArroWhere Arrow concept becomes more visible during the day. With USB-rechargeable LED integration, the ArroWhere Arrow concept becomes more visible during the night. 

The ArroWhere Plus Backpack Cover means that you can wear cycling backpack and still be visible. Our backpack cover is so visible from behind that some riders do not wear a high visibility jacket with it during the day. Our unique, patented backpack cover design allows the user's backpack to still be accessible with the ArroWhere Backpack Cover on. This means that a user can easily get objects in and out of their backpack without the hassle of taking the entire cover off (as demonstrated in pictures). There is a tab on the bottom that allows for any bike light that has a clip.

The 100% polyester, waterproof, windbreaker backpack cover is available in different sizes including Medium (<28L capacity) and Large (28-45L). Medium is recommended for standard 28L Daypacks and cross-panniers. Comes with removable USB-Rechargeable Bike Light.

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