Abus, Sportflex 2504, Cable lock, Combination, 4mm, Black


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Quick stops without stress: With the SportFlex, ABUS offers security for performance-oriented riders. On the road and forgot your lock again? The 3-in-1 lock is firmly mounted on the bike and makes short stops here and there possible without worry.


With the SportFlex, as a performance-oriented rider you always have a lock with you - mounted between the frame and bottle holder.

The SportFlex unfolds a flexible 2.4 mm cable with a length of 90 cm. This makes it perfect for briefly securing your bike to available objects such as bike racks or lampposts. The extendible cable lock is compatible with all carbon frames. It can be easily mounted under the bottle holder so that it hardly takes up any space. With its weight of 200 g, it is also particularly light and thus suitable for sporty use. Thanks to its practical opening code locking mechanism, there is no need for you to carry a key. Knowing that your high-quality bicycle is protected from opportunistic thieves, you can be more relaxed when making short stops. Alternatively, you can also secure your helmet or other accessories with the cable.
  • Lightweight and space-saving cable lock for mounting under the bottle holder
  • Two longer water bottle bolts are included for quick mounting
  • Low profile design enables mounting under an existing bottle holder
  • Self-retracting cable
  • Individually resettable code
  • Ideal for protection against opportunistic theft
LOCKING TYPE: number combination
WEIGHT [G]: 100 g
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