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The Syncros Eco Sealant Tubeless kit contains the next generation of sealants: it is latex free, ammonium free and protein free. This results in a more environmentally friendly product that won't harm you or the planet. It seals holes up to 6 mm and seals wall bleeding (air leak from the thin side walls). This Tubeless System is one of the most important upgrades available for any bike. It's so essential that it comes standard on the Tuned and SL models of SCOTT mountain bikes.This Syncros Tubeless tyre kit complete to equip 24mm road rims. 22mm rimstrip diameter included, valves and 2 bottles of sealant.


    Our Syncros Kit features a new generation of sealants: It is latex free, ammonium free and protein free
    It seals holes upt to 6mm and seals wall bleeding
    Better protection against flats and no pinch flats
    22mm rim tape for two wheels included
    Brass valves, valve core and valve key included
    All you need for setting up tubeless
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