Aventon Sinch.2 Ebike


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Sinch.2 is the perfect fit for any kind of ride! Simply unfold the bike, then hit the streets or go off-road. With the addition of a torque sensor and all-new turn signal functionality there’s nowhere this bike can’t go.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Backlit LCD Display
Get real-time metrics such as speed, battery life and pedal assist level with the Full Color Display. Plus, charge your smartphone with the concealed USB port and sync to the Aventon app to connect to the larger Aventon community and share info and goals.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Torque Sensor
The Sinch.2's torque sensor measures the amount of force being applied to the pedals, then provides assistance based on your efforts, creating a more natural riding experience.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Integrated Lights w/ Turn Signal Functionality
Sinch.2's front headlights allow you to see and be seen on the road, while the integrated rear lights double as turn signals that communicate to motorists or other cyclists when you're changing lanes for your safety.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Hub Motor & Battery
A 750W rear-hub (peak) motor coupled with a fast charging, fully integrated 48V battery with LG cells means there's plenty of power to hit the streets or go off-roading.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Pedal Assist & Throttle
Switch between throttle and 4 levels of pedal assist: eco, tour, sport and turbo, to get more from your foldable ebike. Reach top speeds of 20 mph and up to 55 miles in range to add excitement to your adventure.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Foldable Frame
The Sinch.2 fits where most ebikes won't. Simply fold it, store it, then take it out when you're ready to ride.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Fat Tires
4” fat tires will take you off the beaten path and add more adventure to your next ride.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Fenders & Rear Rack
Bring whatever you need wherever you go with the rear rack, and let the fenders protect you from water spray or mud as you make your way.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Front Suspension
Sinch.2's front suspension with up to 45mm of travel means there's more ground to cover on the road or off-the-beaten-path.
Sinch.2 Ebike
Step-Through Frame
Simply thread your leg through the open frame and get moving. The Sinch.2's step-through frame is easy access to the open road, and all the adventures that await.
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