EU 45/US 11 -DIADORA X PHANTOM blk/fluo/white size EU 45/US 11

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For a triathlete, the transition is crucial. You want to get in and out quickly and efficiently, and you practice for hours on end to do just that. The fact remains, nothing is less efficient than trying to put damp feet into fitted cycling shoes. The Diadora Phantom Shoes combine a well-fitting outsole and upper with the ease of entry and exit of a traditional tri shoe.

The Phantom shoes are designed upon Diadora's Sport Road outsole. Unlike many entry level shoes with nylon soles, Diadora added carbon-glass reinforcement to its Sport Road Sole. This gives your feet the much needed support for long hours making circles. Working in conjunction with the sole is the Morpho AM Cage. This cage is constructed of soft TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which securely holds the uppers tight to your feet, so you won't worry about your shoes stretching out after a few rides.

The fit of the shoe is designed as a Race Plus. It is essentially the same fit that Diadora sponsored riders use โ€” comfort and support in the midsole and secure heel retention. The difference is that the "plus" model features a wider toe box. This is perfect for riders with wider feet, but also provides extra toe comfort for triathletes who may ride the bike portion of a race sock-less. The Phantoms are secured with two hook and loop closure straps. To customize the fit, the straps feature a dual ring system. If your feet are narrow with a low arch, you'll use the second ring. On the other hand, if your feet are wide, you'll use the first ring. These straps make getting in and out of your shoes, when they are attached to the bike, a piece of cake.

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