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  • Two sizes for optimal surface area
  • Lightweight composite body
  • Minimal profile 13mm thin
  • Chromoly Spindle
  • Hex Traction pins (9 per side) mounted from back 
  • Premium bearings & seal system
  • Stamp small recommended for shoe sizes: 5-10 (us) // 37-43 (eu)
  • Stamp large recommended for shoe sizes: 10-15 (us) // 43-49 (eu)
  • 5-year warranty



body material Composite
weight 299g per pair
footprint 100mm x 100mm
hex traction pins 9 per side (mounted from back)
inner bearing type Igus LL-glide bearing
outer bearing type Enduro cartridge bearing
shoe size US 5-10 // EU 37-43
spindle material Forged scm 435 chromoly steel
warranty 5 years


Riding and Performance

Pin Setup. Both the small and large Stamp pedals use a slightly concave platform. A concave pedal platform allows your foot to sit in a cup shape, holding your foot in place. It's all a balancing act. You want a pedal that is thin enough to eliminate pedal strikes, but thick enough to give you a concave shape and hold your foot in place. In general, a more concave pedal gives you more grip, and a flatter pedal allows your foot to slide and pivot a bit more. The height of the adjustable pins can also play a role in how much grip the pedals give you. In the photo below, you'll notice that the pins on the outside of the pedal platform are raised higher than the pins in the center of the pedal. This helps accentuate that concave shape and hold your shoes in place. Everyone has their own preference on pedal grip, some people want their feet to feel locked in place and others want to be able to slide and adjust their feet at any moment. With the Stamp pedals, you can adjust the pin height to accomplish both! 

Small vs Large

The Stamp pedals are 13mm thick around the outside of the platform and about 11mm thick towards the center. Like other Crankbrothers pedals, the Stamp uses a tapered spindle, which is really what allows the pedals to be so thin towards the center. When riding the Stamp pedals, you'll notice quickly that towards the inside of the pedal, the body itself is thicker because of that tapered spindle. I wear a size 10 shoe, and on the small pedals, this high spot takes away from the concave feel of the pedal and almost lifts your foot away from the pins. The larger size Stamp pedal uses the same shape around the spindle, but the bigger platform allows you to set your foot farther away from the inside of the pedal and sink in to the natural concave shape. Because I wear a size ten shoe, I liked the grip of the Stamp 7 large pedals much better. Now you might have a different feel for the pedals if you wearing a smaller size shoe or if you prefer a more loose feel when riding flats.

Who should buy which pedal?

When riding in the skatepark, it was nice to be able to adjust my feet on the pedals on the smaller platform. Because the platform is smaller, the arch of your foot bends around the backside of the pedal. I liked the way that felt when riding in the skatepark. If you are someone riding extremely rough terrain, I think the Stamp Large pedal will suit that style of riding a bit more. The large pedals will lock your feet in and keep them from bouncing off. So I would recommend looking at what kind of riding your going to be doing before you decide which pedal is best for you.

What's The Bottom Line? 

If you are looking for a flat pedal that gives you maximum grip, the Crankbrothers Stamp Large will do the trick. The large platform keeps your feet stuck the pedals with a concave shape and 10 adjustable traction pins per side. If you are someone who has much smaller feet, you can get that same grip with the Crankbrothers Stamp Small in a tighter package. Now if you are looking for a flat pedal that allows your feet to slide around a bit and wear an average sized shoe, the Stamp Small might also work perfectly for you. The smaller platform keeps your foot more on top of the pedal compared to sinking in to the concave shape on the large. The adjustable pins really make a difference for how the Stamp pedals ride so don't be afraid to use them!

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